Keeper of the Walls

The "Keeper of the Walls" project is an initiative that explores visual art as a means of resistance and refusal. It aims to preserve and celebrate the stories of contemporary Black families in the Deep South. The project is inspired by Bell Hooks' "Keeper of the Walls" concept and serves as a digital humanities repository of family photographs, documents, and oral histories. All of these resources are made accessible to a global audience. This initiative empowers Black communities to tell their own stories, challenge dominant narratives about race and family, and preserve their rich history for future generations.

Thumbnail of representative images of San Diego monuments, drawn from the exhibits on this site.
Monuments and Memory in San Diego

A collaborative exhibit created by the students of HIST 587: Topics in Public History: Monuments and Memory - The Built Environment and Historical Memory in San Diego, Spring 2023. Taught by Dr. Nathan Ellstrand. With support from Dr. Pamella R. Lach, Digital Humanities Librarian, DH Center Director, and DH@SDSU Co-Director.

Collage image of Omeka S dashboard with red and teal circles highlighting different Omeka S functions. Omeka S Tutorials written in the center in black script with red shadow
Omeka S Tutorials

Helpful guides and information about the web application Omeka S reside here. This exhibit assists first-time or returning digital curators in how Omeka S manages online digital collections. Among the Omeka S tutorials are YouTube videos created by the SDSU DH Center, hyperlinks to further information about metadata, the Omeka S manual, and HTML coding tricks, as well as helpful visuals and tips to help maximize the productivity of future SDSU exhibits.
Created by DH Center staff member Laura Scott (January 2024).

A collage combining materials from this exhibit.

Esta exhibición commemora la comunidad chicana/o de San Diego, así como el Movimiento Chicano, y sirve de acercamiento a los acontecimientos más trascendentales en la historia de la chicana y el chicano en San Diego, incluyendo a aquellas personas que ayudaron a forjar la comunidad durante los 60s y 70s. La exposición se compone de materiales provenientes de las colecciones archivísticas del departamento de Special Information Access. / This exhibit celebrates San Diego's Chicana/o community and the Chicana/o movement, and will be a guide to some of the most important events in San Diego's Chicano history, including those which helped to shape the community during the 1960s and 1970s. It draws upon archival collections from the Special Collections and University Archives Department of San Diego State University Library.
Created by DH Center staff member Laura Scott (Spring 2023).

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